What is Kickstarter and what should I do?

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects of all kinds: film, games, music, art, design and technology. If you believe in a proposed project, you can make a contribution to help implement it. By anticipating your contribution (usually the project is completed after 2-3 months), you have the advantage of having a strong discount… Read More

Assembly tips

Many of the shakò64 miniatures require assembly. Wash the miniatures with alcohol or water and detergent (this procedure is also necessary to give the primer) With a brush, pass a fixative (activator) on the part to be glued. I recommend doing this on multiple miniatures before moving on to step 3. Leave to dry for… Read More

Flag bearer of the Bourbon Army 1859-1860

Unfortunately, there are still doubts about the Bourbon flags and who carried them. We had opted for the removal of the flag bearer from the Chasseurs and Foreign Carabinieri Battalions, in reality from a new source it appears that in the last years of the reign a non-commissioned flag bearer was also introduced for the… Read More

Il Rosso & l’Oro – Uniforms, Equipment and Waponry of the Swiss Units in the service of the Kingdom of the Two-Sicilies

Volume I : 1825-1835 476 pages in Italian, 24×30 cm size. Hardcover With abstract supplement in english, encompassing translation of all image captions 325 illustrations in colours and black & white showing a wide range of uniforms, headdresses, contemporary iconography items, weapons and accessories 53 original uniformed figures in full colours by Bruno Mugnai 22… Read More