Il Rosso & l’Oro – Uniforms, Equipment and Waponry of the Swiss Units in the service of the Kingdom of the Two-Sicilies

Volume I : 1825-1835 476 pages in Italian, 24×30 cm size. Hardcover With abstract supplement in english, encompassing translation of all image captions 325 illustrations in colours and black & white showing a wide range of uniforms, headdresses, contemporary iconography items, weapons and accessories 53 original uniformed figures in full colours by Bruno Mugnai 22… Read More

Wargame rules Italian War of Independence: “THE BELLA GIGOGIN”

The regulation is designed to recreate the small clashes that took place in the Italian wars of independence, from the unfortunate undertaking of King Joachim Murat’s Tolentino (1815), to the Third War of Independence (1866). In fact, it allows to play, on a scale of 1 soldier = 1 real soldier, clashes that involve the… Read More

Flag bearer of the Bourbon chasseurs 1859-1860

Hello everyone. I discovered in recent days that I made a mistake with the commands of the Bourbon chasseurs. I had always been of the opinion that there was a flag officer in the hunter battalions and so I had made various types to make up the command groups(RB005, RB006, RB007, RB008, RB012, RB013, RB014).… Read More

Information about uniforms : Bourbon Army

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